In an effort to separate my “personal” articles from my internet marketing-related posts, I launched a new site called Genuine Internet Marketing where I will be posting articles on various internet marketing strategies.

I’ll be keeping this blog for random, personal posts so if that interests you at all, cool. If you’re more into the internet marketing stuff I sometimes write about, then be sure to head over to Genuine Internet Marketing.


Years ago, when I first started Visual Forces I had wanted to add motion to the photos to give them sort of a surreal look. Unfortunately, it was an idea that got buried and I completely forgot about…until now. What was once just an idea, has now become a reality and now has a term…cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is basically an image that has motion in it. It’s not a video, but typically an animated gif that loops, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily look looped.

The beauty of this is that still cameras can often capture images with a unique look that can’t always be captured on video. Then when you add motion elements to the photo through either photo manipulation or by stitching multiple frames together, you end up with a photo that is being brought to life in a simple, yet attention-grabbing way.

Some of the best cinemagraphs that I have seen have been created by photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Check out their cinemagraphs below!

Meet me at the bar by Kevin Burg
“Meet me at the bar” by Kevin Burg

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facebook placesWith the launch of facebook places, people now have the ability to “check friends in” or “tag friends” as being at places with them….whether the friends are there or not.

Say what? Whether the friends are there or not?

Correct…let’s say someone checks into a place on facebook and then tags you as being with them (whether you are or aren’t…doesn’t matter…facebook doesn’t care). Not only will it show on their wall that you are with them at that place, but it will also show on your wall that you are with them…at the place they checked into. It won’t even ask you to verify that you are with them! It just happens…and this feature is enabled by default once you “activate” places feature in facebook. Creepy huh?

Right about know you’re probably thinking of the funny places you could check your friends into……..and now you’re saying, “whoa…what if a friend checks me into some place I don’t want”. Yeah, you’re now wanting to quickly turn that feature off and stop friends from checking you into places on facebook!

So here’s how to disable friends from tagging you in places on facebook in 3 easy steps.

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build a better blogI don’t promote too many “internet marketing” products and the ones that I do end up sharing are ones that I firmly believe in and have full respect for the author(s). I simply want to avoid wasting your time and instead offer you the best resources available to help learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. What I’m about to share with you packs a whole lot of punch and can take your blog to the next level…or numerous levels higher. If that interests you at all, then read on…because this has been an incredible resource that has helped to get me where I am today.

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If you have a website with Google Adsense and would like to increase your adsense revenue without increasing your daily visitors, then this article is money in your pocket. I recently stumbled through this and the results have been incredible. Lucky for you I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to do. These are some very simple steps that you can do today that will instantly increase your adsense revenue overnight…seriously. So let’s get started.

I was going to do a screencast of this, but wasn’t sure what data would violate any Google terms of service agreements. So, as much as I love all ya’ll I’m taking the safe route and will just list the steps necessary.

First off, you need to have a Google Analytics account and the analytics tracking installed throughout your website. If you don’t have Google Analytics, just click the link above to go sign up. The next step (if you don’t already have this) is the most important step: you have to link your adsense and analytics accounts together. If you don’t have them linked, you can go to Google’s Adsense Blog and click the link that says “interest form” at the top of the article on the page. Fill out that form and you should get linked up fairly quickly. Once you have adsense, analytics, and they are linked together you will need to wait at least 24 hours for Google to start providing some decent data. Once you have some data to look at you’re good to go!
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