The iPhone continues to raise the bar in coolness for me each and every day. While my wife gets annoyed by it, I find it the coolest little thing since the birth of our son! Speaking of which, I take a lot of pics of our baby boy…many of the photos are snapped quickly on the iPhone. We host all of our photos on Google’s Picasa Web Albums and I’ve often wondered how to easily get the pics from my iPhone to my web albums quickly…cause some things need to be posted & shared right away! Well, fortunately for me, I work with two fellow iPhone junkies…one of which showed me exactly how to send iPhone pictures to Picasa Web Albums incredibly easy. Here’s how.

  1. Go to Google’s Picasa Web Albums and login or create an account
  2. Once you’re logged in, click “Settings” in the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll down until you see the area shown below. You’ll want to check the checkbox and then create a “secret word”. You’ll notice it creates an email address of something like YourPicasaLoginName.YourSecretWord@picasaweb.com .
    Send iPhone pictures to picasa web albums
  4. Now…grab your iPhone and go to the photo gallery and open a picture. Once you have a picture open, tap the little arrow at the bottom of the iPhone screen that gives you the option to email the photo.
  5. Email the photo to YourPicasaLoginName.YourSecretWord@picasaweb.com . If you have a folder in Picasa Web Albums that you want the photo to go in, type the name of the folder in the subject line of the email. Otherwise, the photo will land in a “dropbox” where you can login to Picasa Web Albums and move it manually.

That’s it! Simple and easy way to send iPhone photos to Picasa Web Albums.

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11 Responses to „How to Send iPhone Photos to Picasa Web Albums“

  1. Deeda Says:

    Nice tip. Thanks

  2. Alan Says:

    Very helpful — thanks!

  3. David theiler Says:

    thank you very clear and simple.

  4. Jan Says:

    Just what I needed! Thanks so much for an easy to follow, well-written, authoritative but non-jargon-y tip!

    From time to time, I publish on my blog a list of useful links and tips for school teachers, parents, dance teachers, dancers, and choreographers, and anyone who is a web2.0 and/or iPhone newbie like myself- if it’s ok with you, I’d like to include a mention of you and this particular tip you’ve shared.

    With such a boring name, my experimental blog that I created while taking a web 2.0 class, will probably not ever have a huge following, but Zemanta often posts links to my blogposts, so your tip might reach more people than just the ones who know me personally.

    At any rate, I thank you-I really needed a cheap and easy way to make more room on my phone, without having to worry that a lot of my pictures would be lost on my next sync-that’s what happened to me a week ago and I’m still in shock!
    very well reach their other users as well.

  5. Volker Says:

    Works with pictures, but not with videos. At least not with big videos due of the email limits.

  6. sowmya Says:

    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. azcanusa Says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hotep hatt Says:

    wow thank you!

  9. Melinda Says:

    Thanks! What a great tip!

  10. becky Says:

    Nice tutorial, thank you for the clearly written instructions!

  11. Read Says:

    I don’t see update photos by email options.
    Not sure if I’m looking at correct place.

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