What was once just a faint, pondering thought that usually ended with “naaahhhhhh” has grown into much more of an actual possibility.

Will Apple kill Adobe Flash?

Sound crazy? It may have a couple of years ago. But now with the iPhone & iPod Touch with their gazillion users (sorry, too lazy to look up actual numbers, but I think that’s close) and with the recent introduction of the Apple iPad…what trend do you notice? Right…no flash support on any of those devices. Hmmmm. Conspiracy? Reality? Let’s go deeper.

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build a better blogI don’t promote too many “internet marketing” products and the ones that I do end up sharing are ones that I firmly believe in and have full respect for the author(s). I simply want to avoid wasting your time and instead offer you the best resources available to help learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. What I’m about to share with you packs a whole lot of punch and can take your blog to the next level…or numerous levels higher. If that interests you at all, then read on…because this has been an incredible resource that has helped to get me where I am today.

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Some people don’t know what twitter is or maybe they do but they don’t understand why anyone would want to post everything they are doing or read what everyone else is doing. Some people just don’t “get it”. I usually try to explain it to someone only to hear “why would anyone do that?” or “I don’t have time for that”.

Well, this post will show you why twitter rocks.

I’ve been looking to take a trip back to Hawaii with my bride since there have been some great deals on hotels and such down there with the down economy. The only thing there hasn’t been great deals on is airfare. From Atlanta, the tickets usually hover around $850 per person roundtrip. So that would be about $1,700 just in airfare! Ouch!

That’s where twitter came in…and boy did it pay off! Here’s how I snagged 2 roundtrip tickets to Hawaii for LESS than the cost of a single ticket!

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url snoopI’m sure you’ve seen shortened URLs posted in various places across the internet as it is insanely popular in social media such as twitter where posting a long link is a tweet suicide. Perhaps there has been a time where you weren’t sure about clicking a link because you had no idea where you would end up. Perhaps you work in a corporate environment where not knowing what site you’ll visit could cost you your job. It happens.

I happen to work in a corporation where I don’t want to land on oddball sites that are going to get me canned and since I work in interactive marketing, I am often staying in the loop with news, blogs, social media, etc. I often see links that I’m not sure about clicking and often don’t unless the person describes what it is and where it leads to. Here are just a few that popped up tonight:

  • http://bit.ly/HDrh
  • http://tinyurl.com/7umr6s
  • http://bit.ly/13OS2
  • http://is.gd/gMwH

Obviously, without some clues from the people who posted these links I’d have no idea where they go. I don’t know about you…but I like to know this stuff! I searched for a tool where I could slap a url like the ones above in a form and it would them show me the final url that I would end up at. To make a long story short, I couldn’t find one that did what I wanted. Most had way too many bells and whistles. All I wanted was to preview where a shortened url links to. That’s it.

So what did I do? I whipped one together. I call it “url snoop”. It’s simple to use and could possibly save your butt job one day. So check it out, bookmark it, and let me know what you think!

url snoop – preview shortened urls before you click through


If you have a website with Google Adsense and would like to increase your adsense revenue without increasing your daily visitors, then this article is money in your pocket. I recently stumbled through this and the results have been incredible. Lucky for you I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to do. These are some very simple steps that you can do today that will instantly increase your adsense revenue overnight…seriously. So let’s get started.

I was going to do a screencast of this, but wasn’t sure what data would violate any Google terms of service agreements. So, as much as I love all ya’ll I’m taking the safe route and will just list the steps necessary.

First off, you need to have a Google Analytics account and the analytics tracking installed throughout your website. If you don’t have Google Analytics, just click the link above to go sign up. The next step (if you don’t already have this) is the most important step: you have to link your adsense and analytics accounts together. If you don’t have them linked, you can go to Google’s Adsense Blog and click the link that says “interest form” at the top of the article on the page. Fill out that form and you should get linked up fairly quickly. Once you have adsense, analytics, and they are linked together you will need to wait at least 24 hours for Google to start providing some decent data. Once you have some data to look at you’re good to go!
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