Years ago, when I first started Visual Forces I had wanted to add motion to the photos to give them sort of a surreal look. Unfortunately, it was an idea that got buried and I completely forgot about…until now. What was once just an idea, has now become a reality and now has a term…cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is basically an image that has motion in it. It’s not a video, but typically an animated gif that loops, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily look looped.

The beauty of this is that still cameras can often capture images with a unique look that can’t always be captured on video. Then when you add motion elements to the photo through either photo manipulation or by stitching multiple frames together, you end up with a photo that is being brought to life in a simple, yet attention-grabbing way.

Some of the best cinemagraphs that I have seen have been created by photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Check out their cinemagraphs below!

Meet me at the bar by Kevin Burg
“Meet me at the bar” by Kevin Burg

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