I just got back from the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session in Atlanta, GA. Good times and brain overload. I took lots of notes and thought I’d share the most important tidbits with others…if you were there you’ll get this…if you didn’t attend, well, make sure you attend next year so you’ll know what all of the following means!!!

Here we go…my top notes from the 2008 WJS.

I know I left out some, so jump in the comments and share what you learned at the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session!

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2 Responses to „What I Learned at the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session“

  1. jawright Says:

    Rob Weychart is a rock god.

    Atlanta’s indigent tour guides can be a valuable source of information.

    I can go for some time before hearing “Say It Ain’t So” again.

    J. Cornelius should plan geek weddings.

  2. J Cornelius Says:

    Nice wrap up, but you forgot tp mention that Nick Finck LOVES red skittles!

    Thanks for coming… see you next time.

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