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Years ago, when I first started Visual Forces I had wanted to add motion to the photos to give them sort of a surreal look. Unfortunately, it was an idea that got buried and I completely forgot about…until now. What was once just an idea, has now become a reality and now has a term…cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is basically an image that has motion in it. It’s not a video, but typically an animated gif that loops, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily look looped.

The beauty of this is that still cameras can often capture images with a unique look that can’t always be captured on video. Then when you add motion elements to the photo through either photo manipulation or by stitching multiple frames together, you end up with a photo that is being brought to life in a simple, yet attention-grabbing way.

Some of the best cinemagraphs that I have seen have been created by photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Check out their cinemagraphs below!

Meet me at the bar by Kevin Burg
“Meet me at the bar” by Kevin Burg

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Tornado destruction in Cartersville, GA

On Wednesday night, April 27, 2011 a massive storm passed through a large portion of the Southeast and through the city I live in. In the aftermath, numerous homes and businesses were destroyed and many things were ripped apart…but not the families and friends of this community.

By the following morning, numerous volunteers pitched in doing literally anything that has been needed from cleaning up debris to packing sack lunches for families and workers that are picking up the pieces.

Before we get to the list of ways to help, take a few minutes to watch the following video of the damage done in Bartow County…yes, everything in this video is just from Bartow county alone…incredible.

There are a variety of organizations and groups that are now setup if you’re interested in donating, volunteering, etc. Here are the ones that I have come across:

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facebook placesWith the launch of facebook places, people now have the ability to “check friends in” or “tag friends” as being at places with them….whether the friends are there or not.

Say what? Whether the friends are there or not?

Correct…let’s say someone checks into a place on facebook and then tags you as being with them (whether you are or aren’t…doesn’t matter…facebook doesn’t care). Not only will it show on their wall that you are with them at that place, but it will also show on your wall that you are with them…at the place they checked into. It won’t even ask you to verify that you are with them! It just happens…and this feature is enabled by default once you “activate” places feature in facebook. Creepy huh?

Right about know you’re probably thinking of the funny places you could check your friends into……..and now you’re saying, “whoa…what if a friend checks me into some place I don’t want”. Yeah, you’re now wanting to quickly turn that feature off and stop friends from checking you into places on facebook!

So here’s how to disable friends from tagging you in places on facebook in 3 easy steps.

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I was raised in the tourist town Pigeon Forge, TN and was often asked where to get coupons, deals, discounts, etc for the various restaurants, attractions, lodging, and such in the area. As I figured out the best ways to get deals, I started applying what I learned to my own vacations so that I could save money the exact same way I was sharing with others about my hometown. In the process of figuring out the best websites to get printable coupons for various vacation destinations, I decided to put up some websites for each to share with others who may be interested in visiting those destinations. The list below has the coupons and discounts I found for some popular vacation spots. So if you plan on visiting any of these areas in the near future, I definitely suggest checking out the links below to help you save some money!!

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